Westhoughton Golf Club


Please check course information updated daily on club website. PLEASE NOTE ON MOST EVENINGS & ESPECIALLY MONDAYS THE CAR PARK BARRIER WILL BE CLOSED AT DUSK. PLEASE USE THE OVERSPILL CAR PARK IF PLAYING GOLF AFTER 3PM. Visitor bookings can be made 4 days in advance. If you have paid online you will get a confirmation email of your booking. Please bring a copy with you when you play. Please ALSO complete the visitor registration book AND fill out a blue bag tag from the desk in the 2nd foyer of the clubhouse. If you have not paid online you will need to pay for all green fees and place any money due & part of the blue bag tag in the envelope & post into the green fees slot. This is located above the desk in the 2nd foyer within the clubhouse. We accept fashion changes very quickly and our current guidance is very simple: Acceptable:  Clean golf, sports and casual wear  Tailored shorts of an appropriate length for golf  Men’s shirts tucked in, unless designed to be worn untucked  Hats and baseball caps (peak to the front)  Golf shoes (no trainers or boots) Unacceptable:  Track Suits and Jogging Suits  Combat and Camouflage Trousers  Rugby/Football Shirts or Shorts  Collarless Tee Shirt However we are a twenty first century club and we do relax the rules slightly All we ask is don’t push the boundaries too far, and respect members views Regards, on behalf of Hon Sec
No tee times available today. Please pick a different date.